You can become a member by attending a meeting.

Regular Membership – New member dues are $45 for one year. Regular membership is open to Marines (Veterans, Active, Reserve & Retired) and Navy Corpsman & Chaplains who served in the Fleet Marine Force (FMF). You must bring a copy of your DD214 to show service. *DD214 will not be kept. It is only viewed for verification purposes.

Associate Membership – New member dues are $45 for one year. Associate membership is open to all those who are interested in supporting the ideals of the Marine Corps League. So if you are a family member or friend of a Marine or FMF Navy Corpsman & Chaplain then we encourage you to become part of our family.

Membership Renewals – Dues are $40 per year.

Pay your renewal dues at monthly meeting or you can mail them with a check payable to MCL Det. 597 to:

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